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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

easy craft projects

3. Helpful Tips for Craft Material Purchasing:
I. Never buy the first thing you see, when you shop for crafts materials. Shop around you may find better things at some other shop both in quantity and quality and price.
II. Think outside the box, use your creativity and try to use as much of household items for doing the craft work as possible or use something less expensive to do the same job.
III. Fancy scissors can be used in place of corner rounders. You can save a handsome amount of money in this way and can make both a rounded corner and a fancier corner depending on how much paper is cut.
IV. You can utilize your scanner and computer for cropping, coloring, merging and tinting various types of pictures. In this way, you can use several old pictures after printing them on photo paper in your craft project and this is very cost effective.
V. For die cuts and templates making, you can utilize cookie cutters. They can be used for making gingerbread boys & girls, hearts and stars, trees and cats, pigs and camels to decorate your pages and even crop your pictures.
VI. Die-cut machines are available at local schools and/or churches can be used; you just need to bring your own acid-free paper. It might cost you a little to use the machine, but they have thousands of designs and you will still save money this way. Also, you might volunteer to swap some of your time in trade for the use of their machine.
VII. Instead of buying several different colors, buy one die-cut and use it as a template to make more in different colors instead. Use a nice alphabet stencil in place of letter stickers.
VIII. Instead of buying short cut packs buy a guillotine and you can save more then a few pennies.
IX. Go to a stationery store or office supply store and ask them to order in mini brads (split pins). You will get a much bigger bag for a fraction of the price charged by other outlets.
X. While purchasing material you can get products at a comprehensive price, if you could become a retailer. Check with government agencies for what you need to meet their requirements. For example, in Australia you will need an ABN from the Tax Department and some wholesalers have a minimum purchase requirement. In the United States many government offices have websites with information on starting a business.

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